Rebirth Of True Decentralization.

Osaka Protocol, launched on April 23, 2023, marking the Rebirth Of True Decentralization, steering clear from the corruption and rugs in the DeFi and CeFi spaces.

In the spirit of absolute fairness, Osaka Protocol ensures there is no dev supply or early "frens sniping". Its unique distribution system is structured such that early snipers are likely to be counterbalanced by paperdrop claimers, fostering a genuinely fair distribution.

At the heart of the protocol, ownership percentage directly corresponds to your degree of responsibility and influence. To illustrate,

if you own 1% of $OSAK, you're considered as 1% developer and carry 1% of the responsibility for its evolution

Osaka Protocol paves the way to cultivate a thriving ecosystem driven by community collaboration. It endorses equal opportunities and shared accountability among its token holders, empowering all in the process.

Rooted in these guiding principles, Osaka Protocol ushers in the dawn of authentic decentralization The reason we are gathered here today is to go back to our roots, before all of the defi, cefi rugs and corrupt individuals attempted to take us away from the scented garden of trustlessness, just like Ryoshiresearch in 2020 wanted to see a way to give the people a thing to make their own and see what they can build together.

There is no dev supply, and no early frens sniping. This is a platform where ownership percentage equates to your level of responsibility and influence; owning 1% of $OSAK means that you are 1% developer and 1% responsible for its evolution.

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